About Me  
  (About Me (Cymraeg))  

Many modern organisations now recognise the importance of the internal knowledge they hold as well as the information they import from other sources. In my career to date I have identified the ways in which people are communicating and finding out what they need to know, and recommended practical and popular solutions to enhancing those processes for the wider benefit of the organisation. I have shown how a better appreciation of the knowledge and information which contributes to success can be built into systems and methods so it is more accessible to more people. I use my experience of senior management in different sectors together with my technical information management skills to help my organisation operate more effectively and more corporately.

  Core Areas of Expertise and Experience

These include:

Strategic direction and policy management
Budget and resources management
Knowledge and information management
Professional development

  Master of Librarianship; Fellow of Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals