Presentations and Publications - a selection
  Online Information November 2013  

KMUK 2013 26 and 27 June 2013
Online Information conference November 20-21 2012

  Perfect Information Conference May 10th 2012  
  Business Information Review March 2012 Article on Managing changes to information services in large and complex organisations  
  OSA Aberystwyth, Aberystwyth Branch. Presentation. 8 December 2011  
  Online Information Conference 2011. Panel Participation and Moderating. 30 November - 2 December 20-11  
  University of Aberystwyth Celebration of Distance Learning Course 13 September 2011  
  University of Aberystwyth presentation to students at Linklaters 19 February 2011   
  Online Information Conference 2010. Panel Moderating.  30 November – 2 December 2010  
  City University Presentation. Department of  Information Science. 19 November 2010  
  ISKO UK KOnnecting KOmmunities afternoon meeting "Legal Know-How: Organization & Semantic Analysis”.  Presentation. November 10 2010  

TFPL Connect meeting: Unlocking the value of you. Chairing. 29 September 2010

  Managing your law firm library and information service through challenging times 16-17 February 2010  
  Online International - Moderator, 1,2,3 December 2009 ; Masterclass on career development 12.30pm 3 December 2009  
  i&i community Presentation and Q&A session on creating a learning culture and encouraging knowledge sharing internally  
  City University 13 November 2009 Joint presentation with Ian Rodwell  
  Online Conference 2-4 December 2008 Moderating sessions on "Born Again Intranets" and "Marketing Libraries". Leading Information Masterclass on "Exploiting your expertise"  
  CILIP Gazette columns about CILIP Networking  
  City University 20 October 2008 Presentation on on "Developing and using transferable skills in a career in information work" to Library and Information Science Foundation students  
  Internet Librarian International 16 October 2008 Chairing presentation on PoWR by Marieke Guy. Moderating panel for discussions of "What constitutes a next generation library?"with Michael Casey, Michael Stephens and Thomas Brevik.  
  CILIP Members' Day 16 October 2008 Workshop and launch of new CILIP Network of Expertise and Interests.  
  TFPL Ltd Seminars for temporary workers. Temping in Knowledge Management. May 2008  
  Library + Information Show 2008. Presentation on "Enhancing your skills to manage knowledge and information confidently" . April 2008  
  Emerald Insight Article How to manage a successful corporate library - a guide for managers  
  The Bloomsbury Conference: Beyond Discovery Presentation on "Learning from a law firm". April 2008  
  Special Libraries Association European Chapter Mentoring Guidelines March 2008  
  Column in CILIP Gazette. Put yourself in the picture. March 2008  
  University of Aberystwyth Guest lectures on Current Professional Issues module March/April 2008